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The Joy of Creating Your Own Web Site

About eight years ago, when the inernet still wasn't widely accepted, at least not as it is now, I became frustrated with searching for things in Sydney (where I lived at the time) and ending up somewhere else in the the world. The other thing I noticed was that websites often didn't identify where abouts in the world they where located.

As a musician I would look for local studios or music related businesses and find that I was in the US or Ireland. I decided then that Sydney needed it's own internet, music business resource. I bought a program called Microsoft Front Page and learned how to create my own website. I started hassling all of my musician friends to be listed. Even though I wasn't charging, most of them seemed fairly disinterested back then. 

I continued on determined to learn and adding bit by bit to my humble little music site. That site which is Sydney Music Web now has 100 pages devoted to music in Sydney and another 100 pages for other things such as health products etc.

Sydney Music Web now averages 1000 page views a day with an average of 500 individual visitors a day. That's 30,000 views per month. It often comes up first or second in Google for many searches relating to music in Sydney.. and now musicians pay me to be listed on it!

Fun Stuff!

There has been a lot of trial and error and many, many hours devoted to building such a project and I am, by no means, a nerd. In fact I have avoided learning how to author websites in code as most professional web designers do. I use Front Page because I want results quickly. What you can do with Front Page can be simple yet effective.

I would like to show others how to create their own web sites the same as I have learned to do. With a little time and effort you too can become experienced in this rewarding skill. I wish I'd had someone to help me when I was learning, and so I can understand what a great releif it would be to have some help on hand. I operate from my home in Coolum Beach on QLD's Sunshine Coast. I can also travel locally for training on site. Rate are $25 per hour at my place. $10 extra on site. (up to 15 min travel).



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For more information please contact me.
Ian Hildebrand.
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Web Site Tuition | Queensland Music | Sydney Music Web | Goji Juice Australia



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