70s & 60s Cover Band for Hire. Local Sunshine Coast Pop Rock and Roll,  Sunshine Coast 60s Covers - Entertainers for Hire. Wedding Music and Dance Band!
Meet Those Crazy
Flower Children that are..


Wonderfully Weird Wedding Band, Cosmic Corporate Cover Band, Far Out Function Band.. The Perfect Psychedelic Party Band



Steve Chakra.. AKA Sunset Steve,
Steve Sunset and Kid Chakra.

In his mind he’s been to the far reaches of the universe and back. Closer to home Steve’s sometimes found waiting at the airport when his ship comes in. His memories of the 60’s and 70’s are sketchy….. vaporous tie-dye apparitions often visit him at the strangest times, whispering of long forgotten exploits like….well, none come to mind at the moment…..

On stage, he’s possessed by a devil-may-care attitude and drives the audience wild with his infamous high risk antics, such as performing without shoes and wearing up to 3 head bands at once!!!!

After the show, Steve prefers to give flowers rather than autographs.

Steve’s motto: …something about…wait a minute….no. Its gone.




Joye Woodstock. - aka Joye Woodstock, Joye Acid Rainbow Moonflower

There is absolutely no truth to the media beat up that Joye is the reincarnation of Timothy Leary. Joye wasn’t even born when Timothy Leary was around….. so….hang on, she does claim to dream in flouro, and she hardly ever makes sense, and she did change her middle names to Acid Rainbow Moonflower, which if you drop a few letters and add a few more is an anagram of Timothy Leary (how freaky is that?) so maybe she really is TL reincarnated.

More recently she has attracted international attention with her “root note therapy” which is being heralded as a wonder cure for insomnia and acne. Visit her at Joyejoy.com.





Organic Ian..

Poet, painter, guitarist, writer, actor, comedian, juggler, this renaissance pacifist handed back his knighthood in protest at the inhumane, use of fruit and veges in what he describes as “barbarian” product testing.

Ian has 247 guitars, all of which have been made from trees that have died naturally. His guitar strings are made from recycled fencing wire, and his amp is solar powered. His only form of animal protein comes from road kills caused by vehicles powered by non fossil fuels (although he has been known to roast a quail killed by a hybrid).

Ian so loved the plant kingdom that he named his only begotten son “Buck Choi” in honour of the venerable chinese vegetable.

Warning – Ian will only sign his autograph on recycled paper

Ian’s motto: “peace man” (and being a staunch social egalitarian, Ian uses this saying equally on women and children also).




John Parker-Bowles

And last but not least .... musician with attitude....

he makes Johnny Rotten look like one of the muppets....

he attracts more womens underwear on stage than Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink and Rod Stewart combined...

 He has also represented Australia at 6 olympic games in synchronised macrame.





The very...

Tuned In,
Turned On,
Dropped Out


Remember, book us early man..
because missing out could be a drag.
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>> Laid Back, Mellow Dinner Music to Eat Food to..
(great for functions!)

Psychedelia can also become a Duo or a Trio playing your
favourite Cover Songs from the Future... 
which is really very cool!

Not only that.. we can also be a Solo act.
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